Standard Factory Construction Process

The industrial factory is the enterprise’s location of the production organization. Therefore, the machine construction process needs to ensure the right technical requirements and certain standards. This is an important basis for assessing the quality of the factory construction. From there, enterprises can actively monitor and set necessary requirements in the process of discussing and negotiating with the construction contractor. So what is the standard construction process for the factory? Join Pebsteel to find out more in the article below.

1. What are the standards for construction of industrial factories?

Standards for construction of industrial factories are not merely standards that are recognized from experiences and comments by experts during the construction process. These standards are also noted in the legal documents in the Vietnamese Construction Regulation Volume 1 which issued by the Ministry of Construction (accompanied by decision No. 682/BXD-CSXD) and the Vietnam Construction Regulation volume 2,3 which issued by the Ministry of Construction (accompanied by decision No. 439/QD-BXD).

In particular, the basic standards of the construction of industrial factories need to meet the following things: Construction site, the size of the whole building, the total area of the product, the links between the internal items of the whole product, along with the design and construction plan.

2. Standards required when building industrial prefabricated factories

The quality of the industrial factory has a significant impact on the operation and production productivity of the enterprise. In addition to storing materials, goods, machineries, this is also a direct workplace of employees. Therefore, the requirements for safety and quality must always be exalted.

In addition to the basic criterions that mentioned above, the standard of the construction of prefabricated industrial factories is also expressed in many other aspects such as:

Meeting the design standards, at the same time, the products and supplies provided by the contractor must ensure the quality during construction and hand it over to the investor. In particular, the design standard plays a very important role. If the design drawing still applies the old technology, it will not be able to meet the requirements that the business has set out. Therefore, updating all new and modern design trends is necessary to satisfy and attract the attention of a large number of customers.

Caution: in addition to building the main production factory, the industrial building must also be accompanied by side constructions such as warehouses, toilets, mutual rest and living areas … These constructions also need to ensure good quality and have harmonious alignment with the production area.

3. Installation standards

  • The installation of electrical equipment, furniture, lighting … inside the building must ensure the right technique and meet the quality standards. The layout and construction must ensure safety and meet the requirements of fire and explosion prevention.
  • Waste treatment system, water supply and drainage system must be controlled, ensuring safety when using. Sewage, garbage… should be treated so as not to pollute the environment or affect the health of workers and people around them.
  • Ventilation system, air conditioning, security system, fire protection system,… are also issues that need to be concerned about. The installation and design process must ensure the best standards and quality.
  • Standards on structure, layout of items and equipment inside the constructions also need to be ensured. The design must be convenient, suitable for the overall structure of the factory and must be safe during use.

Depending on the scale and purpose of use of each construction, the standards set for the construction of the factory will be different. Therefore, enterprises need to calculate and thoroughly study each category and consult the advice of reputable construction organizations Casino Online.

4 Important cautions when constructing the factory

4.1. The foundation of the factory

The foundation is the most important platform when building construction in general and building factories in particular. For industrial factories with massive production scales, ensuring a solid foundation is a matter of special concern. Accordingly, the information about the specifications and the design of the foundation must be fully and detailed. Materials and accessories that are used for construction must ensure quality, meet the requirements of design and construction of works.

In terms of the location of the foundation, depending on the terrain and the area of the industrial floor, the treatment will be different. For hard ground, contractors can conduct digging and construction of normal foundations. However, with weak ground and muddy soil, the contractor needs to reinforce the types of pillar piles, press piles, drilled piers and pilling the timber pile to the foundation. Once the ground is solid, the foundation will be solid and restrict the subsidence, damage from external impacts.

4.2. Factory floor

The factory floor is the location that directly bears the entire load of the industrial building. Therefore, when building the factory, the investor also needs to pay special attention. Depending on the production features, the number of machinery, equipment, worker,… in the factories will be different, the enterprise and the construction organization should exchange with each other and calculate the adjustment of background thickness accordingly. The average concrete thickness will be at 10, 20, 30 and 50 cm.

In addition, to strengthen the durability, the construction organization can apply additional steps to rub the floor and paint the epoxy layer after the concrete has been completed. This method not only helps the floor to be more solid, but also has dust resistance, waterproofing and help the cleanup to be easier.

4.3 Structure of prefabricated factory

Detailed planning before the construction of an industrial factory is a mandatory requirement. However, in the process of implementation, enterprises and construction organizations still need to regularly communicate with each other to ensure the design is suitable and feasible. In which the number of poles, purlins, beams, cover system and aesthetic details … need to be unified, ensure the right technical requirements and avoid shortages or excess causing waste

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Above is the information related to the process of building a standard factory. If you still have questions that need to be

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